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  • The Suffolk County Police responded to over 97,000 false alarms in 2015.

  • False alarms consumed over 32,000 patrol hours costing more than $2,100,000

  • User error, system malfunctions and environmental triggers are the leading causes of false alarms.


Beginning April 1, 2016, Suffolk County will open its Alarm Registration Portal for citizens to begin registering their alarms system.  The registration fee for enrollment is $50 for residences and $100 for commercial establishments. 

False Alarm Management Program of Suffolk (AMPS)

As of June 1, 2016, Suffolk County will launch the Alarm Management Program that will include graduated service fees to address those locations that generate false alarms.  As accidents do happen, registered locations will receive two occasions that are not assessed a service fee.  Locations not registered will be assessed a service charge for the initial false alarm.  Click here for more information on false alarm management. 

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