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03/01/2018Pedestrian Seriously Injured in West Babylon Crash
03/04/2018Human Remains Found
03/06/2018Motorcyclist Critically Injured in Crash
03/06/2018Man Arrested for Stealing Purses from Women in Parking Lots
03/08/2018Two Women Arrested During Massage Parlor Raid
03/09/2018Man Arrested for Driving with 64 License Suspensions
03/09/2018Student Arrested for Falsely Reporting an Incident
03/09/2018Man Arrested for DWI After Officers Rescue Him From Burning Vehicle
03/09/2018Man Arrested for Robbing 7-Eleven Store
03/10/2018Man Arrested in SLA Inspection
03/10/2018Man Arrested for DWI After Crashing into Police Vehicle, Injuring Officer
03/11/2018Man Arrested for Multiple Larcenies
03/13/2018Three Volunteer Firefighters Arrested for Arson
03/13/2018Man Arrested after Stealing Vehicle and Crashing into Police Car; Officer Seriously Injured
03/15/2018Man Arrested for Assault as a Hate Crime
03/16/2018Woman Issued Field Appearance Ticket in SLA Inspection