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11/01/2017Woman Arrested for Reporting a False Emergency to Get out of Traffic Infraction
11/03/2017Pedestrian Killed in Lindenhurst Motor Vehicle Crash
11/03/2017Woman Seriously Injured in Three Car Crash
11/04/2017Man Arrested for DWAI After Two People Seriously Injured in Five-Car Crash
11/04/2017Man Arrested for DWI After Striking Two Pedestrians in Motor Vehicle Crash
11/05/2017Man Killed in Hit-and-Run Crash
11/06/2017Man Killed in Two-Vehicle Crash
11/07/2017Man Robs Mastic Bank
11/08/2017Man Robs Mastic Bank for Second Time in Two Days
11/10/2017Motorcyclist Seriously Injured in Motor Vehicle Crash
11/12/2017Pedestrian Killed In Motor Vehicle Crash
11/12/2017Man Arrested After Robbing Pizza Shop Delivery Person at Knifepoint
11/13/2017Two Women Arrested For Robbing Commack Gas Station
11/17/2017 Occupied Mastic Beach Home Burglarized
11/18/2017Two People Arrested for Selling Alcohol to Minors
11/18/2017Man Fatally Stabs His Mother
11/18/2017Man Killed During Cesspool Installation
11/19/2017Bicyclist Killed in Hit-and-Run Crash
11/19/2017Man Killed in Hit-and-Run Crash